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How to list my event on Holistic, Spiritual & Alternative Events Directory of Australia?

We are making it easy for you to showcase your up-coming event beautifully, take registrations through our website and even let people pay for them utilising your Paypal account. 

List your event in 3 simple steps

1.   Registration or Log in

You need to register an account before you can list your first event on this website. Once you have registered you will get an email that asks you to confirm your registration. Make sure to do this otherwise you can not successfully log in. Also, if you can't find the confirmation email in your inbox, please have a look at your spam folder.

If you already have an account, just log in.

2.    Add your event details

Here is a detailed explanation of the information you will enter into the event submission form

Please note that these detailed explanations are also in your event submission form when you click on the    and that fields marked with an   are mandantory.

3.    Save your event to be reviewed and published when approved

Don't forget to SAVE the event. This puts the event in the queue for us to review, approve your event for the website and submit it to the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We wish you joy, success & appreciation on your new adventures.

If you have any more questions, please check the FAQ or contact us.

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