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  Clear and strong event descriptions

  1. Tell your audience what will happen at the event
  2. Who are your speaker(s) / presenter(s)
  3. What they can expect to learn or experience from attending your event

As a publisher of an event we often know how briliant our event is but fact is, most of the time the way we describe our events leaves our audience puzzling.

If our audience is not captured from the start we risk loosing them.

  How to write a great event description

1. Write a short catchy title (up to 70 characters) 

Make it uplifting, attention grabbing and descriptive. Convey a lot in a few short words. 

For example compare the following titles:

  • Spiritual Healing Workshop
  • Learn how you can heal yourself through spirit in 3 days

Which one is more attractive?

2. Put the most attractive pieces upfront in the description

This is the first paragraph people will read, so it is important that you can capture their attention. It is also the piece the search engines are picking up, so be aware that you can gain potentially many more attendees when you make this first paragraph attractive.

3. Rather than one big blocks of writing create paragraphs

People are often pressed for time and less and less they will not read unless it is nicely structured to the eye.

So shorten your paragraphs as good as possible and make your description pleasing to the eye.

Give examples of the different activities.

4. Consider the Search Engine Optimisation

Oh yes, nowadays everything that goes on the internet is being indexed by search engines. Make the most of it, as it comes free and can work to your advantage.

Remember to include words in your description people might use to search for your event - such as 'spiritual healing', 'Feldenkreis training', 'self development" etc.

Maybe think about what you would put into a Google search when you would be looking for an event like yours. What would you typ in there? Filter this keywords throughout your description and titles.

  Event Location

Nothing is more annoying than not knowing where the event will take place! Today Google will show a map with a pointer, given you enter the address correctly, meaning: Location name (offical name or a name you give your event location), Street incl. number, City/ Suburb, State, Postcode and Country.

Search engines are clever but it is best to feed them as accurately as possible, they will give you the best result for it.

Now it is up to you to post your event!

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