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Pathways to the Stars - Metaphysical + Esoteric Workshop
Starting: Saturday 01 September 2018 10:00am   Ending: Saturday 01 September 2018 04:00pm
Event Location: peregian beach community house, 255 David Low Way, peregian beach QLD 4573
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Pathways to the Stars - Metaphysical + Esoteric Workshop 
With Paulina Howfield From Matrix Harmonics Personal and Planetary Healing

‘Pathways to the Stars’ is a unique Metaphysical and Esoteric Workshop that teaches participants how to navigate the symbolic and cosmic pathways of the universe.

We all come from the STARS and the truth about our Galactic heritage is everywhere. It was placed into our DNA; it is seeded in world mythologies; and it is imprinted into the body of the Earth. 
Direct experience of our galactic heritage is possible every day and can give our life great meaning and purpose. It can also lift our frequencies to realms and vibrations that are not affected by the collective programming that is a creating a prison for many people at this time. 

This workshop will help you discover your Galactic Heritage, and have direct experience of it. You will access the truth in your DNA; find out how to embody it in your daily life; and learn how to decipher clues in the Earth and the world mythologies about your unique connection the STARS.

Infusing your field with cosmic energies enables a deep remembering and a profound reconnection to the real history of this planet and humanity that is not taught in books, or on the internet. It also enables deep healing to occur and is an opportunity for cleansing unwanted imprints from this life and others. This esoteric training will also facilitate your own personal connection to the STARS. 

During the Workshop you will:

♦Find out your STAR and Galactic Essences
♦Interact with YOUR unique Inter-Galactic Frequencies
♦Learn how to Anchor and Embody Galactic Light Frequencies
♦Learn how to Connect with Cosmic Consciousness
♦Learn how to travel Cosmic Pathways and Portals, and
♦Develop a Conscious Relationship with the Consciousness of the Earth
♦Meet one or more of YOUR Galactic Helpers

Only $145pp Early Bird Book before 18th August
$170pp thereafter

Paulina Howfield is a soul focused healer, earth energy practitioner & art therapist 

She is a first wave star seed, energy worker and esoteric mapmaker who interacts with the Soul Consciousness of Earth at sacred sites and major energy centres in order to facilitate our collective spiritual awakening and expansion into multi-dimensional consciousness. While her work with the Soul of the Earth has led her on a personal journey towards total soul recall, it has also taught her much about the bigger picture of the collective changes that we are experiencing, and why they are happening.

She is a regular at many Conferences and Events across Australia where she discusses galactic consciousness, her near-death experience; and her interactions with extra-terrestrials, angels, cosmic beings and ascended masters. 
She has written a book 'Remembering Isis' about her Earth Energy work with the Goddess Sites in Malta; has a 44 card set of 'Soul Whispers Cards' that combine her photographs and psycho-spiritual insights; and she has made numerous Meditation Processes and Shamanic Journeys to help listeners connect with the energies and mythic imprints at numerous significant sites on the planet. 

Hosted by Conscious Life Events

Presenter Paulina Howfield
OrganiserLaura Di Mambro- Conscious Life Events
Costs145 early bird/ $170
Early Bird Expires 18th August
Click here to book for this event
Contact for more infoContact Laura Di Mambro- Conscious Life Events  or call 0400673563

peregian beach community house
255 David Low Way
peregian beach QLD 4573
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