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Selenite Swords- Lightworker Workshops
Starting: Friday 30 November 2018 05:00pm   Ending: Sunday 02 December 2018 05:00pm
Event Location: Bloomhills care, 58 ballinger Rd, buderim QLD 4556

Join Tom Ledder with his 2018 Australia Tour- Selenite Swords of Light workshops

*** Experience the NEW Egyptian Healing Energies ***

This workshop will be conducted by Tom Ledder the creator of the Selenite Sword of Light and the Crystalline. Assisting Tom will be Maryke Del Castillo Light Language Specialist for the Sunshine Coast of Australia

****** Sunshine Coast Workshops *****

Fri 30 Nov 5-9.30 pm – How to use the Selenite Swords of Life
Sat 1st Dec 10-5 pm – How to remove Distortions from your Field
Sun 2 Dec 10-5 pm – Activation’s of Your Multi-Dimensional Self

Fri $125pp Sat/Sun $175 pp each wkshop
Book all 3 pay $450

Returning students receive 50% discount on any repeat workshop

Payment arrangements also available -
please contact :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fri 30 Nov How to use the Selenite Swords of Life wkshop I

• Group Heart Activation with the Selenite Swords of Light
• Understanding the Alchemy in the Selenite Swords of Light
• You will learn Techniques of how to activate, clear and balance the chakras, meridians and subtle bodies. Using sound to magnify the work with the Swords of Light
• Training will include learning the powerful Light Body Activation process with the Selenite Swords of Light to bring in more light to the physical body.
• Activation of Divine Feminine Energies to assist the recalibration of the planet

Sat 1st Dec How to remove Distortions from your Field-Workshop II

• Group Heart Activation
• Light Body Rounding powerful procedure to raise your light quotient
• Learn to use the Crystalline Magnet Dowsing Pendulum for Yes and No questions and removing non-beneficial energies from ourselves, our companies and project
• Time travel back to when you worked in the Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt in the temples and healing centers of those times. Regain lost healing techniques from those times in the past
• The day will end with a guided meditation to activate the Antahkarana our connection to the Source.

Sun 2 Dec: Activation’s of Your Multi-Dimensional Self-Workshop III

• Group Heart Activation
• You will learn a procedure of how to work on yourself plus a special new DNA process to activate the advance inter dimensional qualities of your DNA, powerful process
• One round Light Body Activation
• Ankh and Selenite Sword of Light Training to bring the chakras to a higher geometric functioning using the first ever created Egyptian Crystal Matrix Ankh to work on bringing the Chakras to a higher geometric state plus transmute Karma, Activation the Endocrine system and the organs of the body.
• New Flower of Life and Emerald tablet activation to bring in the knowledge of Thoth and the secrets of the mortality. The regeneration tool the flower of life will be used in a direct activation of your DNA and inter dimensional qualities.
• There will also be an Isis activation to bring in and clear the feminine lineage of the past abuses and the accumulated effects of lifetime after lifetime.
• We will be activating the new Diamond Light frequency of Love for each person.
• Experience the newest energy of the Sacredness of One Ascension Rod
• There will also be a activation for the Chavin Jaguar allies with the nest Jaguar Swords of Light

About Tom-

Tom developed the Selenite Swords of Light to help activate higher energy frequencies for people all over the world. The swords channel the powerful energy of Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and other Ascended Masters, which makes them the perfect tool for healers of all modalities. He loves making these powerful tools of light and working with the healing and ascension energy. Through the sword creation process he has become more in tune with his higher beings.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Presenter Tom Ledder
OrganiserConscious Life Events
Fri Workshop $125pp
Sat wkshop $175pp
Sun Workshop $175pp
Book all weekend $450pp
Contact for more infoContact Conscious Life Events  or call +61400673563

Bloomhills care
58 ballinger Rd
buderim QLD 4556
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