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Meetings in Truth with Vishrant
Starting: Friday 22 March 2019 07:30pm   Ending: Friday 22 March 2019 08:30pm
Event Location: Restful Waters Meditation Centre, 64 Canns Road, Bedfordale WA 6112
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Vishrant is an Australian born spiritual teacher who has dedicated his life to raising consciousness in all who are interested. He teaches a Buddhist way of life which he calls the way of the heart. Awakening occurred for Vishrant in 1999 and he has been of ongoing service to the community for 19 years.

Vishrant explains how the way we think can create happiness or suffering. These in-depth talks create clarity for listeners to change their lives for the better. Vishrant has been a psychotherapist for 25 years and he brings a sharp mind and a playful sense of humor to all his encounters. Participants can ask questions and give opinions during the talk.

Vishrant has been holding Satsang for 19 years. Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to be in the company of truth’. Traditional Satsang involves an awakened teacher giving a spiritual discourse and answering questions on the way of obtaining enlightenment. Satsang is different to any course or lecture because the energy field around an enlightened person allows for clarity, stillness, and expanded awareness to be experienced by those who seek their presence.

Typically a discourse or teaching will be given by Vishrant on a variety of topics related to developing conscious awareness. Followed by questions and answers.

As mentioned, the topics cover a wide range and many people take the opportunity to look a little deeper at the challenges they are encountering in life and the obstacles standing in the way to live a full, happy and conscious life.

Presenter Vishrant
OrganiserThe Vishrant Buddhist Society
Entry is by donation. All are welcome.

- You’ll be greeted at the door and seating or cushions are provided for your comfort.

- Shoes are removed at the door so please bring along socks with you to wear inside.

- We ask that if you have any flu symptoms to please bring along a cough towel to help with containing symptoms.
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Contact for more infoContact The Vishrant Buddhist Society  or call 0438 831 883

Restful Waters Meditation Centre
64 Canns Road
Bedfordale WA 6112
Phone: 0438831883
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