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Energetic Empowerment Workshop
Starting: Saturday 27 April 2019 10:00am   Ending: Saturday 27 April 2019 05:00pm
Event Location: Perth and region, , Perth WA 6000
Energetic Empowerment Workshop 27.04.19  - fro website - resized for Holistic Events.png

In this fun, light hearted workshop we will explore many different topics, from the macro ‘big picture’ of what is going on in the universe and with humanity right now, right down to the micro level of how we relate to others in our relationships. 

Learn about how you fit into this big picture and take away tools that you can use in everyday life, to empower yourself in many different situations. 

Today more than ever, it is important to find your power within and use this life force to propel yourself out of fear, complacency or hiding away. 

Sometimes though we have to face the very real challenges in our everyday life, with a controlling boss, manipulative friend, unsupportive partner or judgemental family member. It’s in these relationships where we need to step up into our power, speak our truth and not allow ourselves to be held down anymore.  


Ask yourself… Do you:  


  • feel drained or overwhelmed in crowds or around certain people? 
  • identify as energetically sensitive or as an empath? 
  • find it hard to ground your energy? 
  • find it hard to stop thinking about someone after you have talked to them, even though you would like to stop? 
  • feel confused about or are interested in learning more about what 3D or 5D means or the terms ‘the new human’, ‘the new earth’, ‘the new energy’, ‘multi-dimensionality’ or ‘ascension’? 
  • feel curious or fearful about what other beings exist in other realities and what their purpose is? 
  • have an awareness of spirits or negative entities and would like to know how to empower yourself and your family? 
  • feel disconnected from Source/The Divine/God and want to regain trust and heal that relationship? 
  • want to set better boundaries with people but have no idea where to start? 
  • feel tired of being harassed, bullied or intimidated by someone but fear speaking up because of how they might react? 
  • have a history of having friends or dating people that ‘need healing’, are emotionally draining or have narcisstic or abusive traits? 
  • want to empower yourself with knowledge so that you can speak confidently to your clients about energy or ‘the big picture’ of humanity? ? shrink yourself down, make yourself quieter or less outgoing, in order to keep other people happy? 
  • want to live a more expanded life, free from fear?  




If you said yes to any of the above questions, then this workshop is for you! 

In this ground-breaking experiential workshop you will receive up to date information and participate in guided energy healing meditations, designed specifically to move you into a place of strength, unconditional love and EMPOWERMENT. This workshop will expand your consciousness and open you up to new ways of looking at things. 

Your energy body is where your life force exists, and it needs to be acknowledged and treated with love and respect. People are interacting on an energetic level constantly, even before or after they have been together in the same physical space. And most of this is done without either person being aware. The more you can understand about your own energy body and how it works, the better you can maintain your energy levels and not be drained by other people.  


You will discover:  


  • The Importance of Grounding - 3 methods will be shared and we will clear any energetic grounding blocks you have on the day 
  • Big Picture Discussion and Simple Flow Chart Diagram - the sharing of guided information about how humanity is moving from a Third Dimensionality frequency to Multi-Dimensionality and where you fit in 
  • Discover what Entities, Fallen Angels, Demons, Reptilians, Tall Greys and Earthbound Spirits really are and where they fit into the world today 
  • How to Clear / Respond to lower vibrational beings 
  • How the Ego stops us from growing spiritually and how to handle aggressive people 
  • The Structure of the Human Energy Field today, integrating the chakra system with the new energy grids 
  • Acknowledging the Importance of the Physical Body and things to be aware of that inhibit spiritual growth 
  • Using Tools to Assist Self-Healing including guides, angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic guides, nature and land spirits, animals, crystals, vortices and portals, sound healing, yoga, meditation, light language and respecting our traditional land owners 
  • How to Set Boundaries with yourself, others and spirit realms 
  • Understanding the Relationship between the Healer and the User/Abuser/Psychopath/Sociopath/Narcissist and how you can stop attracting these people into your life or manage your energy better around them 
  • How to Identify and Remove Energetic Attachments which people place on you to drain your energy  




We will do a number of energy healing meditations throughout the day to integrate what we are learning, including one for grounding, reconciling with Source/The Divine energy, releasing trapped energy in a relationship, removing attachments, and finishing off with a heart opening expansion and empowerment exercise at the end of the day. 




Delicious, healthy Vegan and Gluten Free morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided. Along with filtered water, tea (all kinds), coffee, decaf coffee, and dairy milk. If you wish for a certain non-dairy milk to be provided please just ask, as there are many varieties! And if you have any intolerances please let me know at the time of booking.  




Who will enjoy this workshop? 




✔️ with an interest in understanding themselves better

✔️ with an interest in understanding the bigger picture of the greater energetic world and humanity

✔️ a desire to improve communication within any relationship and express themselves better

✔️ a desire to improve their energy levels

✔️ wanting to obtain new healing tools to use alone or with clients

✔️ working in the spiritual, energetic or complementary health fields

✔️ working as a Psychologist, Counsellor, Social Worker

✔️ working with people either intimately or in a general workplace environment, in any industry  


And of course, anyone who would like to feel more EMPOWERED in their life, free themselves from others and regain complete autonomy over their life! 


A basic understanding and openness to spiritual concepts (soul, past lives, the Divine etc) would be beneficial but not required, as we are explaining things from the ground up.  




About the Host, Renee Cusworth from Spirit Connect:  


Renee has been experiencing the energetic world around her since she was a child, with some of her first memories being that of spirits and lower vibrational beings. 


Throughout a journey of discovery throughout her twenties and early thirties, Renee obtained the tools she needed to empower herself to set strong boundaries with not only the energy world but also with the people living within it! She has been working as an Intuitive Healer, Kinesiologist and Psychic Medium for three years and has conducted over 1500 one on one Healing & Guidance sessions and nearly 50 energetic property clearances. These sessions have provided valuable insight and learning opportunities into this fascinating world we live in. 


Read more about her journey and the sessions here:




Spaces limited to 10 people so get in early to secure your place!


Click below to book your place and to begin your journey into Energetic Empowerment!

Presenter Renee Cusworth
OrganiserRenee Cusworth
All prices include GST. Bring a friend for $50 off the price of one ticket. Enter Coupon Code "WORKSHOP50" at checkout and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the name of the second person who is booking in. Valid only once for each person.
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Contact for more infoContact Renee Cusworth  or call 0402580777

Perth and region

Perth WA 6000
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