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How can I improve my ticket sales or registrations for my event?

While we are promoting your event through our social media there are a number of things you can do to improve the visibility of your event and therefore also ticket sales. Here is a little checklist for you to make sure that you have taken advantage of all the features to ensure maximum sales:

  1. If you are on Facebook, LIKE our Facebook page and like the event we have posted for you on there! Share it with your friends on your timeline.
  2. If you are on Instagram, LIKE our Instagram page and like the event we have posted for you on there! Share it with your friends.
  3. If you are on Twitter, FOLLOW US and like the event we have posted for you on there! Retweet the post.
  4. If you are on LinkedIn, LIKE our LinkedIn page and like the event we have posted for you! Share it with your friends.

    Supporting your event on our social media will indicate interest in your event and attract other subscribers of our social media pages to your event. Liking and Sharing our social media pages helps increase the awareness to a bigger audience.

  5. Make sure you use a really attractive title (no more than 70 characters)
  6. Utilise a high quality image to promote your event, best in square format as this seems to become the preferred option on social media
  7. Utilise the contacts of the poeple involved in your event. For example, speakers, suppliers or other loyal attendees may share your event on social media, to potentially the same market that you are interested in.
  8. Offer an incentive to purchase tickets, such as an early bird ticket at a discounted rate.
  9. Sell tickets at a slightly lower rate online compared to at the door. 
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What people are saying ...

  It’s such a beautiful and simple way to advertise and grow your business. Thank you for the opportunity to use the service.  

Belinda M.

  Thank you for your amazing work!!!  


  I stumbled upon Holistic Events while googling on avenues to announce our Silent Meditation Event. It has been a refreshing, clean, wonderful experience joining Holistic Events and sharing our event through their platform. The whole process was simple and the best part is the way they promote events through their LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you to Petra and her team. Truly a gift of love to all.  

Aathma S.

  Thank you, this site is great! I love the SEO component!  

E. W. Queensland

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