Dedicated Facebook Event

AUD45.00 each

Would you like to get even better exposure and more traffic to your event?

By publishing your event on our website, you automatically get a huge boost of free extra exposure as we list your event not just on our awesome website but also on our Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. All this for FREE by simply listing your event on this website!

Why not harness the power of Facebook even more!

Let us setup a Facebook Event on our Holistic, spiritual & alternative events directory Australia Facebook page. Your event will come up in the Facebook Event Feed for people to find as they browse on Facebook. Facebook alerts people who are interested in events like yours about the up-coming event.

Setting it up is easy.

  1. Make sure you have submitted your event to our website first.
  2. Next, purchase the "Dedicated Facebook Event" and let us know which event you would like to be listed as a dedicated Facebook event on our Facebook page.
  3. We will take the information on your event listing and setup the special event on Facebook. Done!

All expires automatically when your event has taken place.

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