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Emotional Detachment

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This is one of the hard hitting questions that we all have… When is it ok to NOT feel… When is it ok to become so invested in our emotions that we break down and physically manifest pain, injuries and disharmonious energy in the body.

3 Levels of Emotional detachment

  • Completely disconnected – no thoughts no feelings, numb
  • Physical Representation Low – Extreme Ratings
  • Over talking and complicating Ailments to worse case scenarios regardless of whether it is or not, Using the technical terminology of an injury to enhance your “Emotional response from people sitting in a victim status” 

Emotional Detachment is when we completely disconnect from feeling or showing any emotions towards a situation, person or what ever the case may be. We can pack and stack our emotions all we like however this does cause disharmonious energy within our systems and manifest physically.  

There are so many things that we choose to detach from because we think automatically that it will hurt….and being detached from the outside and inside worlds is easier to manage if we don’t feel it. Meanwhile your body will start to break down…different ailments will become more prominent. For instance, when our relationships aren’t going to plan and it is more one sided than the other and you don’t feel supported our joints start to become like jelly and our back systems (Vertebrae, muscles. Ligaments) all become unstable and want to go off and do their own thing because they aren’t feeling supported just like YOU on an emotional level.

For some people this works well until years and years down the track they present with physical ailments however structurally there is nothing wrong with them regardless of how many tests and scans they have done. Then you get the other end of the scale where physically so many different ailments are presented and verified through scans and examinations.

Either way disconnection is still present. Feeling Physically is not addressing the underlying emotion. It is generally the manifestation and the thought pattern and cellular memory that has been sparked not the emotion itself. So technically as much as you are Feeling Physical Pain YOU ARE STILL NUMB this is what we call Emotional Detachment and not being able to recognise the emotion. It is then that we choose to focus solely on the physical pain by using technical and medical terminology to describe our physical pain and to prompt responses from others that are supporting and enabling the victim status continually addressing ones ego. This is where the Emotional Detachment becomes an unhealthy source of Energy Feeding from others.  

This is when our vibration sits so low we get energy our sources from others like a feeding frenzy, because we are disconnected we struggle to connect with our own pure source of universal energy and keep our vibration high. Any disharmonious energy within our system causes that particular area to sit at a low vibration. For instance; our Spines are classed as the axis for the human body it is the connection for our motivation, physical movement, our nervous systems so connecting the thought and behaviour patterns with our physical body. So, if we look at it and we aren’t feeling 100% and not dealing with our emotions all of these things plus more are affected. These things are only affected because we are Emotionally detached.  

These people you would normally go to start to detach as well, why…because they have no energy left to give you. It is not only draining for them but for you too. You all know what I’m talking about everyone has that friend who you walk away from feeling exhausted, why….because you have allowed them to top up their energy sources instead of them actually dealing with themselves and you have enabled the frenzy.  

When Our Internals Affect our Externals

Interesting concept really isn’t it.....Look at joint pain and inflammation, at some point during our lives we will absolutely suffer from joint pain and inflammation it’s a given. Our thoughts (Our Untruths) ripple through our system which throws it into a disharmonious state. We create Dis-Ease and Ill intentions upon our systems allowing it to unwillingly go into a state of pain, a stress response. The more I work with the body and peoples underlying emotions, traumas and untruths the more the correlation there is. 

You know the old saying we are what we eat....here is another....We are the pain we want to be....We are the untruths we want to believe....we are the chaotic disharmonious state we punish ourselves with. 

Simple isn’t it...The minute that we stop punishing ourselves for past events, traumas, situations, people, untruths that we believe, the more harmonious our systems will be. 

Here is the controversial part. There is belief that our genetic make up plays a big part in some of our chronic diseases, illness that have been passed down from generation to generation...what if they weren’t actually passed down to us through genetics and DNA but were just sitting there as a predisposed element where in our human form, our minds we were offered an opportunity to shift the thoughts around the dis-ease instead of our mind (Our Untruths) already triggering the predisposed condition....hmmmmm food for thought....What we know is that we are what we think we are, if a thought is given enough energy what will happen.....it will manifest....YES!!!!

In our human form we are here to experience, we are here to embrace all that our life has to offer, none of it is good...none of it is bad....it just is!! So if we were to see every ailment, situation, person, experience as an opportunity to grow would this not assist us in removing the internal battles and manifesting them into external battles....I’m not talking about each time as this is not realistic...I’m talking about being mindful of our internal thought processes to allow a more free flowing external experience. Th ability to connect with ourselves is again the key to these scenarios. Our ability to look beyond our mind and our untruths (Thought Patterns) and actually be emotionally intelligent and connected with ourselves will assist you in being able to manage the responses within your body. Each thought has a physical response, each scenario, situation, trauma sits somewhere within your body. Again the key is connection. Connection to YOU.  

Interesting Concept yes.....I would love to hear your thoughts and examples on how you have shifted the mindset to shift the ailments and situations. 

Energy and Body Work is a different story we promote Emotional Detachment (Well I do in my teachings) why is this….You are a pure channel and what this means that a neutral standpoint is required when you are working with people on this level. If you took on and “FELT” all of the emotions and the physical pain that your clients are going through during those sessions you end up exhausted and having a biased stand point, you are no longer a pure channel. It is quite a skill to develop and still be able to emotionally be available for yourself. As you develop the skills and you can turn it off and on it is vital that you understand how your system works and how to call yourself out on your own bullshit.  

The idea of being emotionally intelligent and being able to connect and disconnect depending on what you are doing takes years and lifetimes to develop. Being your own catalyst for change is the KEY. Being able to emotionally detach from the outside world is key to our experiences, our harmonious lives. We forget that we are important as well and if we can’t look in the mirror and actually love all of our sides shadow and light then how on earth can we be the best possible version of ourselves. That’s right we can’t.  

Its ok to say NO to people. Its ok to FEEL whatever we need. Its not ok to sit in so long that we end up jeopardising our own health and well being. Choose wisely who you allow to sit with you. Choose how you want to keep your vibration high. If you run High you attract your high vibe tribe the same goes when you choose to run low.  

Emotional Intelligence is not taught, it not understood, nor is the concept of Spiritual Intelligence. Is it possible to be one without the other...absolutely. A true enlightened sage is one who is both, they have done the work and understand how the responses within the body and the universal energies meld as one. They understand that pure connection of self is unlimited and undeniably the encompassing of the entire human experience.  

To learn more about Emotional Intelligence and being your own catalyst have a look at our Rockin’ Women Series 2 Workshop and E.A.T. (Emotional Awakening Technique) Workshops on the Website. No experience is necessary for either of these workshops and the benefits are huge if you are prepared to commit to yourself.

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