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Whale Medicine - Learning to Connect our Hearts

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Whale Medicine

What can whales teach us about our hearts? 

We have friends in all forms, not only other humans.  Humanity has friends in the form of elements, animals, earth, sky and sun. These friends have much to teach us. Could it be these elemental kingdoms are waiting for us to awaken to this concept a little more deeply and profoundly?  Could it be that these kingdoms of life forms would like nothing more than to love us and share how they experience consciousness in form? After all, these elemental kingdoms have been on earth for a very long time. 

In my case, Herman, a humpback whale, unexpectedly reached out to me.  He came to me soon after I asked for a teacher in order to learn how to heal my body with my heart.  I felt somewhere deep in my bones that it was possible to self-heal yet I didn’t know where to begin. I had a strong hunch the answers reside in my heart.

Herman met me on the inner planes and we began a non-linear approach to understanding our complex heart. His teachings are truly extraordinary and worth sharing. His desire is to not only teach me but to teach you or any human willing to open this doorway of multidimensional communication.

Whales do not require saving - humans do!

Whales have been on the planet for aeons and aeons.  They are highly intelligent. They clearly have mastered uninterrupted residency on this planet - unlike humans, who have undergone periodic cataclysmic annihilation. From my experience whales would like to assist humans. Yes, that’s right! They see the peril we humans are in with our planet and would like to help us find our way back home. A home where love is our guiding principle. A home where once again whales, our beloved friends, and humans can communicate and share experiences. 

Emotional coherence - our saving grace 

For several years I have been teaching whale wisdom with folks that are seasoned in walking the spiritual path.  In a meditative environment we collaborate with our planetary elders and wisdom keepers. We learn and practice multi-species unity consciousness or the experience of pod consciousness.
The intention of the live meditation is to provide the opportunity and space to open our heart centers in the loving presence and protection of our whale friends. 

Many of us are aware that our untapped human heart is unequivocally the frontier we must master for personal and planetary well being.  We have lost our innate spiritual connection to our planet. The approach we are learning to restore this connection is to go into our hearts, our vulnerable hearts. We would do well to take the time we need to really reconnect and illuminate all of our high heart functions thereby clearing a path to our own inner spiritual guidance system. 

Why is this important?

Imagine each of us clearly understanding our life mission with a discernable connection for guidance and remembering what our soul set out to accomplish here on earth.   When we meet in meditation we practice opening our hearts together. We develop a safe space and begin to explore, expand and use our hearts in new ways. In these states of unity consciousness and collaborative meditation we can grow our emotional intelligence, our emotional coherence, and emotional competence. Our purpose in these meditations is to grow our heart, know our heart, feel what it can do. It is not easy yet together we learn to articulate the nuances, grow our heart connections near and far, and not shy away from the sense of vulnerability we feel as we locate our forbidden inner treasure, our spiritual strength.

How can they teach us?

Whales make the perfect teachers, for they have enormous hearts. Their large hearts can create deep resonance and vibrations. We can learn to pick up these vibrations. We don’t have to see a whale with our own eyes to connect with them.  We have the ability to connect with them in our hearts. We can begin to learn how to calibrate inner states of coherence in meditation and when we are quiet. 

This concept of vibrational resonance is what science and quantum physics has been sharing with us for years. Communication can take place outside time and space, in the vibrational fields of consciousness. It is within our hearts we can learn this human birthright.

First we need to find the sacred sanctuary in our hearts.  Then we can begin restoring and trusting our bodies more deeply. The whales  gift us and collaborate with us by holding and opening a loving supportive space for us to experience. They wish to make this learning process simple and easy. The first steps feel great; exploring the universal notes of love - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Step by step approaches in guided meditation

Experienced meditators and members of meditation groups have had great success and fun connecting with the whales. Together we explore what we termed ‘pod consciousness”.  There are many skills needed to begin to work multidimensionally with our beloved cetaceans. We begin with developing and discerning coherence in ones heart. Practice is essential to open these collaborative doorways. Group settings offer an ideal learning environment. The aim is  to consciously develop the various states of well-being inorder to collaborate with cetaceans. It is not impossible. As a facilitator and teacher of newcomers to pod meditations I will report, with lots of practice, it begins to feel quite natural. Here is a sample approach we use.

• Set Sacre Space

• Grounding and shielding

• Connect to your physical heart

• Explore the relationship of the heart and breath

• Exploring states of allowing and receiving

• Explore inner states of perceptions

• Practice expanding personal frequencies

• Connecting and merging frequencies

• Direct frequencies for personal healing

• Merge frequencies with cetaceans 

• Experience unity consciousness fields and co-collaborations

When we connect with the intelligence of our planetary elders they can teach us many things. They have many messages for us. Are we courageous enough to listen? Can we imagine co-creating and problem solving with them?  Most importantly who wouldn’t want to experience the joy of meditating with a pod of whales?

To find more information, go to Kerry Kegan's website

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