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Resonance Repatterning - a soft pain free way to change

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I have had the opportunity to experience a resonance repatterning session last month. I am very excited about the outcome of the session and now about 3 weeks later I see the results rolling in.

The session was actually a lot of fun to do and I discovered some pattern that were not so conscious to me before. Even just that was a bargain in itself.

One pattern that I carried was: If I achieve what I want - I WOULD BE BORED!!! So my internal mechanics always kept me away from achieving that particular goal.

This is just in a nutshell one of the subjects that had been touched in this session.

What is Resonance Repatterning?

I will try to explain this in my layman's terms. We often hear in particular in spiritual communities people using the expression "this does or does not resonate with me" meaning it feels true or not true to me.

You are in resonance with people, animals and things around you. I think everyone understands that. What maybe needs to be considered is that this resonance actually vibrationally keeps people, animal and things in your life - whether they are WANTED or NOT. This resonance is the glue to it all.

What happens in a Resonance Repatterning session?

  1. The Resonance Repatterning practitioner dives into the subject that you brought to the session to check and verify your actual resonance to it. Often, as I saw in my case, it was quite different than I thought it would be.
  2. A list of related vibrational resonances is generated and muscle checked. This will give the overal scope of the session.
  3. Then the practitioner will help you switch off from an unhelpful frequency and switching you onto a desired frequency.

This is all just in short what is happening in the session. I might not be a 100% accurate but it will give you an idea.

Do I have to be there physically or can it be done online?

Resonance Repattering can be done either way. 

Can you recommend a Resonance Repatterning practitioner?

For me it is important to have a practitioner who has a certain life experience and most of all compassion.

Yes, of course I can let you in my secret. My Resonance Repattering practitioner is called Yvonne. She lives in Perth and works online and offline. You can contact Yvonne Bost through her website.

Petra Webstein - Owner of Holistic Events Australia

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 It’s such a beautiful and simple way to advertise and grow your business. Thank you for the opportunity to use the service.  

Belinda M.


 I stumbled upon Holistic Events while googling on avenues to announce our Silent Meditation Event. It has been a refreshing, clean, wonderful experience joining Holistic Events and sharing our event through their platform. The whole process was simple and the best part is the way they promote events through their LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you to Petra and her team. Truly a gift of love to all.  

Aathma S.



 Just a wonderful page to share retreats. Petra is offering her service so generously for free. I respect Petra very much and am in awe for this possibility to share with similar minded people a wide range of retreats and workshops in Australia. Thank you Petra and your team for this amazing platform!  

Christina B., Western Australia


 I have found the Holistic Events Australia platform an easy one to list my event on and then feel very supported to help me get what I have to offer out there to a much wider audience than my own personal networks.. 😃  

Maria G.

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