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Tooth Regeneration
Starting: Monday 25 February 2019 09:00am   Ending: Monday 25 February 2019 12:00pm
Event Location: A Place to Be, 4 Preston Point Road, East Fremantle WA 6158

Incredible, but true: Teeth do not just grow twice! For some African tribes or inhabitants of Bulgarian mountain villages, their own third set of teeth is a work of nature. The phenomenon of regenerating your teeth or even growing a ‘third’ tooth where the second one has been lost, is actually more common than you may think. A number of methods have surfaced to help harness the power of nature (and of our nature) to encourage this possibility.

In the Tooth Regeneration Seminar Dr. Friedrich introduces one particular approach to activate your innate ability to regenerate your teeth. The power of your mind combined with the method taught in this seminar opens up the possibility of stimulating regeneration and/or growth of your own 3rd tooth or teeth.     Participants will receive their own ‘blueprint’ they can use again and again.


Mentally activate stem cells.


Activate the subconscious

In this three-hour intensive seminar you will learn:

  •  The mental techniques for tooth and jaw-bone regeneration in a step-by-step
    sequence, following the growth rhythm of nature.
  •  The scientific knowledge base to understand the processes.
  •  Access to the quantum field via a certified user’s 2-point method.
  • about the connections and interrelations between psyche and tooth- and jaw development.
  • Prevention of dental toxins, e.g. mercury and tin.
  • The latest in dental prevention. Caries was yesterday!
  • how to integrate the new knowledge with the help of mental exercises.

– Openness to new knowledge
– Patience & the ability to visualize
– Discipline & concentration 

So that the dream of growing a new, real tooth can become reality:


Have the courage to do without the old, expensive crowns. Create your own tooth substance. Embrace the gap!

Presenter Dr. oec. Katharina Friedrich
OrganiserStefani Kleinhenz
Contact for more infoContact Stefani Kleinhenz  or call 0403 763 860?

A Place to Be
4 Preston Point Road
East Fremantle WA 6158
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