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Corona Virus Sound Energy Healing

Corona Virus Sound Energy Healing

Step 1

As a matter of priority, I want to get the Coronavirus Healing Frequency Code out to you so you can distribute to your friends and loved ones ASAP who have it.

This will kill the virus; however, it will not solve the energetic state of someone's field if they have serious health decline, or the immune system deficiency and the necessary physical clearing of mucus.

But it will kill the virus itself, which is the first step.

I have recorded a full healing protocol which I will release free of charge for anyone with more serious health decline. Keep an eye out in your inbox in the next two days for this.

This will especially be important for anyone who is in hospital. The ventilators and other such viral medication will not deal with the effects of what happens in the energy field.


Play the sound file ideally with headphones, but it is OK if you cannot if you suspect you have the virus, JUST PLAY IT.


Take high dose Vitamin C 5000 - 10,000 milligrams daily until clear. Vitamin D 10,000 milligrams for 2-3 days, then scale back to 1000 until clear, Astragalus (which is great for clearing lungs) 250-500 milligrams 3 times daily. Selenium 400 milligrams until better, and Zinc 50 milligrams until you feel better.

Drink Chaga once or twice a day, my favorite current recipe, Chaga 2 teaspoon, cacao powder 1 teaspoon, pinch Himalayan sea salt, pinch Tumeric, half teaspoon manuka honey, a little almond or coconut milk, hot water.  Blend.  YUM:-)


Viruses are generally difficult to treat because antibiotics do not kill them. For this reason, elderly and immunocompromised individuals are at high risk when contracting influenza. The best natural defense and treatment of Coronavirus (and viruses in general) is a strong immune system.

The best way I have found is through sound frequency.

The virus itself does not kill anyone; it is the effect of the lungs filling up with fluid and people dying of asphyxiation.  This is why Astragalus is great, but most needed is the energy healing which clears the field which creates the mucus in the lungs.

Step 2

Here is an Energy Healing I personally performed for anyone who has the virus.

It is free and widely available for anyone in need, please pass it onto you them so we can support anyone deteriorating at this time.

Also like and subscribe to the channel, I will be releasing videos most days going forward and this will be my main outlet to help guide you through this crisis.



The Coronavirus creates big clouds of black mucus, miasma, and debris in levels 2,4,6 of the human energy field.  This thick mucus and miasma are why people who are on ventilators do not necessarily get better.

The field of energy, which creates the physical fluid in the lungs, has not been cleared.  You need to clear the energy field, activate the immune system response, open the lymph pathways to ensure the fluid on the lungs can be removed and processed out of the system.

Until this happens, people will still be in the cycle of struggling to breathe. Asphyxiation (lack of oxygen) is the main cause of the death of this virus.


In this energy healing, I clear the clouds and mucus, restructure the energy field of the heart and lungs, remove stress from the system and take the system into a more parasympathetic state.  I open the meridians, and nadis and run DNA re-encryption to override any DNA mutations, activate the macrophages, and white blood cells and open up the lymph nodes and system to take away the fluid build-up, as well as fill the heart and lungs with unconditional love.  I also help process some of the grief being purged by the lungs at this time, as people are purging the grief of our Mother - Planet Earth for all the taking energy that has happened by humanity.

I will be teaching people much more about the energetics of this and how to heal it later this week and open up certification training to be able to do this yourself.  This knowledge and skill needs to be out there now as real people need support

Please pass this onto anyone in suffering at this time with the Coronavirus.

Play once a day every day until better.

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Event Date 01-07-2020
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