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Resonance Repatterning + Covid-19

Resonance Repatterning + Covid-19

Chloe Faith Wordsworth, the founder and developer has created a repatterning specifically for everyone effected by Covid-19.

Introduction to the SESSION in the time of the COVID-19 April 4 2020

Today’s session will be divided into three parts, so if you want to listen to it later you can go to the part that interests you.

Part 1 introduces us to the power of the positive over time and space.

Part 2 is the session itself + two Energizing Options to change our resonance and then re-checking the change in resonance.

Part 3 Energizing Options as positive actions to anchor the session and the new neural pathways. These are practical actions you can do to let go of fear and worry, calm your mind and protect your physical health.

The session is free and can be watched here: 


PART 1: The power of the positive over time & spaceRupert Sheldrake talks about morphic fields of resonance… And that each person who joins that field of resonance, strengthens that field.

What do we see today with this global pandemic? A strong morphic field of negative resonance for the coronavirus, which becomes stronger with each person who joins it through fear or who becomes sick through it. But we’re also seeing other morphic fields of positive resonance that are becoming stronger with each person who joins these positive fields.

There are some beautiful examples that move us to tears because the core of who we are is love and compassion. And when we see love and compassion in action, we are moved from the depth of our being.That wonderful video clip of everyone in the UK applauding the national health service and all doctors and nurses - many of whom hadn’t seen their children and families for three weeks. At 8 pm everyone in the nation started clapping: from windows, out in the streets, in their homes. Possibly about 60 million people clapping... 

Then in Spain an orchestra that could no longer play together chose to play the same piece of music at a particular time, one person after another joining this morphic field of resonance: violins, trumpets, cellos, wind instruments, everyone in their homes playing together… 

In India over a billion people began chanting at the same time.

SOUND: clapping, playing an instrument, chanting, singing, is one of the most powerful of healing modalities.

There are also morphic fields of resonance created by positive actions: churches, temples, mosques, charitable groups taking care of people, providing food and shelter for the homeless. In India 16,000 migrant workers could no longer work but also couldn’t go home because all transport and roads are on lockdown. They had no shelter and hadn’t eaten for three days. One charitable group volunteered to give them shelter, three meals a day and free medical attention until they are once more free to go home. And that same organization is preparing and distributing 3 meals daily all over India to thousands of people in need - more than 100,000 meals daily.

These and so many other examples are the positive morphic fields of resonance that we are a part of: Service with no desire for reward. Service out of love and compassion. This is what inspires the human heart.I was re-reading James Oschman’s afterword in SPIRAL UP: 127 Options to be your best right now and it is worth remembering some of the things he as a scientist shared because this is what we are working towards in Resonance Repatterning.

He writes:Chaos or disorder actually lays the foundation for a new and more ordered and coherent system.

• The key is the input of appropriate energy to the right place, and he names the Energizing Options we use -- sound, light, movement, breath, energy contacts, essential oils.

• And then, most important, he writes, “Balance and coherence are contagious.” This is exciting! As each one of us becomes a little more balanced and coherent, it’s catching. And others too become a little more balanced and coherent and they pass this coherence on to others.

In Oschman’s chapter, "The Science of Spirals," he gives us hope in this time of chaos and lockdown:• He states that all things move spirally…that man grows and moves spirally. Because of this, he says, a relatively weak force can have a large effect – a small input of energy has a large effect.

So here we are – a few hundred of us, a relatively weak force, but our work in Resonance Repatterning is about spiraling up to a higher state of consciousness no matter what the situation. This is why we have come together today, to shift our resonance with the negative morphic field of the coronavirus and to ensure that we resonate with a new, more ordered, more coherent system. As we resonate with the positive, we become more balanced and coherent - and remember, coherence is contagious -- others can join this morphic field of resonance making it stronger and more powerful:• In terms of today’s session, people can join this morphic field by listening and proxying in to the Resonance Repatterning session we’ll be doing that will identify where we resonate with the negative morphic field and where we need to resonate with a positive coherent field.

• And as we share this Repatterning with others, and others proxy into it, our positive morphic field becomes stronger, and our relatively weak force, by God’s grace, will have a large effect.

So people can proxy into the session whenever they want. A statement from Oschman’s "Science of Spirals" that I love is that morphic fields act across space and time. So there is no limit to the positive effects of this moment into the future and with no limit in terms of space – which is what people like Lynn McTagart, Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton would agree with! Our resonance – positive or negative -- determines the DNA codes we switch on for health or for sickness. All illness begins as non-coherence in the field…and health first exists as coherence in our field of energy.

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