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Global Virtual Holistic Health Wellness & Psychic Fair and Marketplace

Global Virtual Holistic Health Wellness & Psychic Fair and Marketplace




Meet some of our vendors








Healers Network Presents

Global Virtual Holistic Health Wellness & Psychic Fair


When: Saturday, September 12th and 26th

12 pm- 9pm EST.


Live Streamed on Zoom Virtual Platform



Join us for this new convenient, interactive, inspirational, empowering and fun virtual healing experience platform!


No Parking fees, no travel time,, no waiting in lines, just you and your chair in the comfort of your house!



21 Lectures~ Every 30 minutes~Interactive Inspiring Speakers ~ Ceremonies ~ Live Music ~ Live Dream Interpretation Demonstration ~ Live Card Readings ~ Shopping~ WIN Free Sessions, books and courses in our Door Prize Giveaways all day long valued at over $2000!! ~Sessions with Psychics, Readers and Healers






*General Admission to the Event is on ZOOM!


All day back stage access for only a $8.88 personal investment.


*Once you Register you will receive a link for Admission Tickets to enter the Main Zoom Room


Wait don't go away.......We cant put a price on health. Don't let money get in your way, use the FREEPASS scholarship at check out to get in FREE.


*Your generous Love Donations makes this event possible. Give as your hearts desire. If you found value please contribute to https://www.bit.ly/lovedonations



*After You arrive in the Main Room you can Wander around and visit the Vendors and Practitioners in their numbered Breakout Rooms for a Free MINI Session based on availability.


Everyone has a Free Offer when you come to visit them to "try before you buy". Ask Room #3 Lobby/Alexandria to allow you in to your session .


Want to go deeper? Experience a Private Session with any Healer, Reader or Psychic or Vendor for an additional fee, everyone has their own fees, most charge $25 for 15 minutes. Pay them directly.






  • Every week get the latest updates. http://bit.ly/Sherisevents
  • Click on the Event, then click on “Tickets”
  • Click on the Zoom Registration link that will be sent to you to select a meeting date remember to save to your calendar.



  • You can access Zoom as follows: The morning of the event I will be sending you a direct link reminder to access the Zoom environment.



Once you are in the Main Zoom Room when you press the chat key you will be able to type in comments to others and sign-up for a private session with room #3 .


Check in with Room #3, is the LOBBY where Alexandria will book a time slot for you based on availability to connect to the vendors in their virtual breakout rooms.


We will let you know when your session time is and we will chat with you to prepare you to enter your breakout room. Please know we will try our best to keep your appointment timely and if we are running late we will do our best to inform you




Breakout Room 1: Sheri "The Revitalizer" Kaplan

Breakout Room 9: Royden Parsell ~ "Roy The Singing Psychic"

Breakout Room 13: Deborah DeNicola ~ “Dream Image Processor”

Breakout Room 14: Megha Bradley ~ “Intuitive Life Strategist“

Breakout Room 15: Patty Stockdreher and Verohnika Bau ~ "The PsyChicks"

Breakout Room 17: Rev. Carole Aileo Ha'La Ramsay ~ “The Energy Expert”

Breakout Room 18: Ilene Gottlieb RN ~ "The Heart Healer"

Breakout Room 19: Carla Dorn ~ “Vibrational Waves Of Transformation”

Breakout Room 23: Michelle Barrial ~ “Healing Hearts And Minds”

Breakout Room 28: Paula Dinaro ~ “The Awakening Coach”

Breakout Room 36: Donnareyna Sessler ~ "The Spiritual Gemologist”


"Thank you for the presentations. Very interesting. Such an abundance of information! Thank you everyone for sharing your gifts with us.". Marilena Zingale


"Thank you it was amazing". Anthony Jones


"Congrats to Sheri and her team; the experience exceeded my expectations and I found myself feeling as if I were in a breakout session at a regular conference. Thank you to each and every healer who shared their talents; you are making a difference! Special kudos to Ilene the heart healer her work is exceptional!"

Myra Darwish


“I participated for a very short time. I will say that I thought the event was well set up for a virtual event.” AnneMarie Rempala


"It was great ... very informative and especially loved the interactive parts". April Sasaki


"LOVED the event.". Tina VaLant


"What a wonderful day of healing modalities I experienced at the virtual Holistic Fair. I did several dream sessions, and also received some beautiful sound healings, tarot readings, collective psychic messages. We humans are going through a lot in this bumpy evolution to higher frequencies. Thank you Sheri Kaplan The Revitalizer for bringing this collective together Saturdays noon til 9. Drop in anytime to hear lectures, presentations, book one-on-one sessions in break out rooms. Very Aquarian technology! . . .Jump into the 5th dimension!"??‍♂️??❤️????‍♂️Deborah A DeNicola 





As Covid19 made its appearance on the world stage and after providing this service for the past 5 years Sheri Kaplan the Founder of Healers.Network realized she was being called to continue her healing mission by creating a Global Virtual Fair & Marketplace for Holistic Health and Wellness where amazing practitioners who support the BODY MIND and SPIRIT through real-time virtual sessions could share their skills and knowledge worldwide.


Tour Inspirations Pop Up Crystal Shop Free sample sessions with each Practitioner Vendors selling conscious items crystals jewelry essential oils healing technology devices clothing and accessories homemade products books courses and more ...


Here are some of our Specialties and Services we provide:


Akashic Records Readings ~ Angel Blessings ~ Angel Card Readings ~ Angel Communicators ~ Angelic Tarot ~ Aromatherapy ~ Astrology ~ Aura Reading ~ Ayurveda ~ Breathwork ~ Biomagnetism ~ Chakra Alignment ~ Channels ~ Chinese Tea Leaf Readings ~ Coaches ~ Coaching ~ Crystal Healing ~ DNA Activation ~ Empowered Energetics ~ Energy Healing ~ Goddess Intuitive Sessions ~ Herbalists ~ Homeopathy ~ Ho’oponopono ~ Hypnosis ~ Intuitive Health Coach ~ Intuitive Jewelry ~ Intuitive Readings ~ Kabbalistic Astrology ~ Karmic Path Readings ~ Medical Intuitive Readings ~ Meditation ~ Mediums ~Mind power ~ Munay Ki Healing ~ NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) ~ Numerology ~ Nutrition Coaching ~ Oracle Card Readings ~ Past Life Regression ~ Pendulum Readings ~ Pet Communicator ~ Psychics ~ Quantum Healing ~ Reconnective Healing ~ Reiki ~ Ribbon Readings ~ Runes ~ Sacred Geometry Reading ~ Sanergia La Conexion ~ Shamanic Healing ~ Singing Psychic Readings ~ Soul Code Readings Theta Healing ~ Soul Purpose Readings ~ Sound Healing ~ Spiritual Advisors ~ Spiritual Life Coaching ~ Tapping (EFT Emotional Freedom Technique) ~ Tarot Readings ~ Tea Readings~ ThetaHealing ~ Unique Holistic Health and Wellness Therapies and Services ~ Violet Flame Activations ~


PAY DIRECTLY with our Practitioners, they have different prices: average price is $25/15 minutes:





**Check back often ~ Our schedule will be updated as information is available!


12:00-12:30 pm

Host Opening and Introductions with Sheri "The Revitalizer" Kaplan


*Your generous Love Donations makes this event possible. If you found value please contribute to https://www.bit.ly/lovedonations



Want to be part of this event?






Breakout Room 1

Sheri "The Revitalizer" Kaplan


Psychic ~ Channel ~ Card Reader ~ Healer ~ Coach ~ Spiritual Advisor ~ Lightworker ~ Sound and TESLA Healer ~ Author ~ Speaker

About Sheri:

Sheri removes physical and emotional pain by removing energetic blockages. She is an Intuitive Trauma-Informed Life Coach Energy & TESLA Healer Sound Healing Master Reiki Master Angel Card Reader Author Shamanic Healer and an Ordained Minister. She successfully led the Holistic Health Community Meetup for the last 5 years and unifies South Florida's community through a weekly Sound Bath Meditation and Holistic Fair and is the Founder of the "Healers.Network" the host for this Online Psychic Fair and real time consultation marketplace portal.

Web: https://wwwsherikaplan.com

Review Page: https://www.sotellus.com/reviews/sheri-kaplan

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSheriKaplan

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/sherikaplantherevitalizer

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sheritherevitalizerkaplan/

Biz Page: https://www.facebook.com/sherikaplantherevitalizer

FB Healers Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/healersnetwork/

FB Manifestation Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/manifestationnetwork/

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherikaplan/

Meet Up Healers: https://www.meetup.com/Healers-Network-Of-South-Florida


Breakout Room 9

Royden Parsell ~ "The Singing Psychic"


Psychic ~ Tarot Reader ~ Channel

About Royden:

Royden is a Psychic and a reader. He was spent over 13 years of his life doing only readings. During his 13 years as a reader his gifts surfaced and he realized his true calling. Royden started his career as a Tarot Reader because his correspondence teacher at the time requested him to do so. Now as a result of his god gifted abilities his readings are primarily based on the gifts that he discovered and the cards only act as a source of subtle background information or confirmation of his knowledge. He does readings at a local market and from home.



Breakout Room 13

Deborah DeNicola ~ "Dream Image Work"


Spiritual Advisor ~ Lightworker ~ Dream Coach ~ Dream Image Processor

About Deborah:

A poet and author of 6 books Deborah was trained by A Jungian Analyst in an inter-active intensive active-imaginative process of dream image work. She teaches and facilitates Dream Image Workshops and has held classes at The Duncan Center Delray Beach FL. Inner Wisdom Books Deerfield Beach FL The Goddess Store Hollywood FL The Crystal Garden Boynton Beach FL The Unitarian Universalist Church Andover MA Open Doors Bookstore Braintree MA Rowe Conference Center Rowe MA and Massachusetts College of Art Boston MA.





Breakout Room 14

Megha Bradley


Coach Spiritual Advisor Lightworker Human Design ThetaHealing

About Megha:

Megha’s passion is helping people to transform the subconscious limitations conditioning and frustrating patterns of living that keep them falling short of realizing the love abundance and success they were born to have. She uses a combination of science and intuition as a Certified Advanced ThetaHealer Hand Analyst and Human Design Reader. She has a deep knowledge of spiritual laws human biometrics and psychology that she uses in her work. Her commitment as a healer is a result of healing immense childhood and generational trauma as well as rebuilding her life after near-death experience in 2014.






Breakout Room 15

Patricia Stockdreher and Verohnika Bau ~ "The PsyChicks"


Psychic Medium ~ Channel ~ Card Reader ~ Healer ~ Coach ~ Spiritual Advisor ~ Lightworker ~ Reiki Master Trainers ~ Light Language Practitioners ~ Intuitive Mediums ~ Empath Readers ~ Ordained Ministers ~ Master Frequency Crystal Healers ~ Transformational Life Coaches ~ Certified Angel Readers Certified Aura Chakra Reader

About Patricia and Verohnika:

Patricia and Verohnika are Bi-Lingual twin flames known as The PsyChicks. They are Light Language Practitioners Healers Spiritual Advisors Intuitive Medium Reiki Master Trainers Ordained Ministers Master Frequency Crystal Healer Certified Angel Reader and a Certified Aura Chakra Reader. Patricia is a Homeopath Nutritionist and is continuing the generation's work of spiritual enlightenment. She receives celestial messages from the Extraterrestrial Galactic Council to guide humankind on the right path. They both had experience with Near Death Experiences Past Life Seminars and Clearings (manifestations negative energies and obstacles from person place or thing). They also offer psychic readings and holistic services including Remote Reiki Manifestation Readings and Removal.

Our website: https://angelmystic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tranzend11

Twitter: https://twitter.com/angel_mystic11

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angelmystic11/


Breakout Room 17

Rev. Carole Aileo Ha'La Ramsay ~ "The Energy Expert"


The Psychic's Psychic ~ Channel ~ Celestial Mentor ~ Spiritual Consultant ~ Lightworker ~

Multi-Dimensional Being in Human Form accessing information required

About Carole:

Carole was born an empath and medium (for humans and pets). She is an Ordained Minister Director through UBM a Reiki Master/Teacher Young Living Oils distributor a bonded Florida Notary Founder and CEO of GODDESS T.O.U.C.H. a prophetic channel healer and teacher. Carole is fully sentient and Self Aware experiencing her first human incarnation. She is also Founder of Clear The Path and the latest “4:4 Re calibration Technique” (remote viewing to shift imbalances found) channeled by 44 Venusians - regain peace and balance an expert with life changes i.e. death of a loved one divorce career change health crisis. Her purpose is to INTEGRATE a Direction to access Vibrational Frequencies for Higher Consciousness growth. Carole helps you re-direct your focus for increased health happiness love and prosperity.


Website: Https:/www.GoddessTOUCH.net

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: Https:/www.facebook.com/Carole Aileo Ha'La Ramsay

Facebook: Https:/www.facebook.com/GoddessTOUCH

Private Group: Https:/www.facebook.com/Groups/Familyoflightcircle

LinkedIn: Https:/www.linkedin/CaroleARamsay

Meetups: Https:/www.meetup/apathtohigherconsciousness-Carole'sSacredcircle








Breakout Room 18

Ilene Gottlieb RN ~ "The Heart Healer"


Conscious Channel ~ Akashic Records Reader ~ Medical Intuitive ~ Radio Show Host ~ Speaker ~ Author

About Ilene:

Ilene combines over 50 years in Nursing and 25 years in Vibrational Healing to create a holistic approach to clearing energy blocks and promoting healing. She helps an International clientele of heart-centered individuals and entrepreneurs who struggle with fear self-sabotaging negative thoughts or behaviors and self-worth issues to experience inner peace self-confidence empowerment and clarity about their soul’s purpose.

Ilene is Certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner and Ho’oponopono Practitioner. Enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced facilitator of healing who has served 1000's of clients just like YOU! If you are ready to clear the root cause for virtually any issue including childhood trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) NOW is Your time! “I love you I’m sorry Please forgive me Thank you”.



Breakout Room 19

Carla Dorn ~ "Vibrational Waves of Transformation"


Conscious Channel ~ Writer ~ Channel ~ Healer ~ Spiritual Advisor ~ Card Reader ~ Lightworker ~ Psychic ~ Coach ~ Sound Healer

About Carla:

Carla shares her passion through Sound Healing with crystal singing bowls is a Channel working with Archangel Metatron's Violet Flame of Transmutation and a Life Coach focusing on the ways to raise your frequency to resonate with a better life experience. She has studied astrology philosophy spirituality and Nicola Tesla's teachings extensively and recently obtained her Advanced Octaviol Re-patterning Practitioner Certification. Every month she performs a Full Moon and New Moon ritual live on Facebook where she channels a message and provides a sound healing to the collective.





Breakout Room 23

Michelle Barrial ~ "Healing Hearts And Minds"


Channel ~ Healer ~ ThetaHealing ~ Sound Healing ~ Channels Messages and Light Language ~ Akashic Records Readings

About Michelle:

Michelle is a life coach author speaker channel and Intuitive Healer. Michelle specializes in ThetaHhealing sound healing channels messages Akashic Records readings and the Language of Light. She is gifted with clairaudience and clairvoyance. She channels messages through Akashic readings or language of light. She uses her training in sound healing to scan the body of a client to detect imbalances in the biofield. Michelle has the ability to restore the holes or leaks in the auric field and bring it back to a state of harmony. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and does past life regressions.






Breakout Room 28

Paula Dinaro ~ "The Awakening Coach"


Healer ~ Coach ~ Lightworker ~ Hypnosis ~ SANERGIA "LA CONEXION"

About Paula:

Paula is a Healer Coach Lightworker and Hypnotherapist. She was born in Buenos Aires Argentina and came to the USA in 2000 to continue her career as a Publicist. In 2002 she found Unity on the Bay where she began her studies of Metaphysics Spirituality Law of Attraction and became part of the Leadership. She also went to Landmark Education to study NLP (Neurol-linguistic Programming) Neuroplasticity Hypnosis Coaching Quantum Healing and much more. Paula truly believes that music has special healing powers so she combines her passions of music and dance to create a unique method of Dance Meditation.




Breakout Room 36

Donnareyna Sessler ~ "The Spiritual Gemologist"


VENDOR ~ Spiritual Advisor ~ Oracle Reader ~ Gemologist ~ Crystal Healer ~ Channel ~ Jewelry reconstruction repair and clearing ~ Intuitive Tarot

About Donnareyna:

Donnareyna has over 40 years experience as a Jewelry Designer Spiritual Gemologist Minister Multi Oracle & Intuitive Coach Consultant Certified Crystal Healer counselor rebirther and teacher. Donnareyna uses extensive energy techniques including color music healing essences and herbs plus gems and crystals. Her specialty is the Mineral World. She is available for phone and in person Multi Oracle and Card of your Destiny Readings and Spiritual Consultations. The Inspirations Unlimited Gem Gallery Set Up is available to be seen by appointment only in Delray or through Zoom FaceTime or WhatsApp.

For Appointments Please Call Donnareyna at 303-589-0035












*Your generous Love Donations makes this event possible. If you found value please contribute to https://www.bit.ly/lovedonations

Event Details

Event Date 30-11-2011
Event End Date 30-11-2020
Individual Price Free
Presenter Sheri Kaplan
Presenter * Sheri Kaplan
Organiser * Sheri Kaplan
Organiser's phone * 786-419-1389
Organiser's email * Email the organiser
Location Sheri Kaplan, 318 SW 2nd Ave, Dania Beach, FL 33004, USA
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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 It’s such a beautiful and simple way to advertise and grow your business. Thank you for the opportunity to use the service.  

Belinda M.


 I stumbled upon Holistic Events while googling on avenues to announce our Silent Meditation Event. It has been a refreshing, clean, wonderful experience joining Holistic Events and sharing our event through their platform. The whole process was simple and the best part is the way they promote events through their LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you to Petra and her team. Truly a gift of love to all.  

Aathma S.



 Just a wonderful page to share retreats. Petra is offering her service so generously for free. I respect Petra very much and am in awe for this possibility to share with similar minded people a wide range of retreats and workshops in Australia. Thank you Petra and your team for this amazing platform!  

Christina B., Western Australia


 I have found the Holistic Events Australia platform an easy one to list my event on and then feel very supported to help me get what I have to offer out there to a much wider audience than my own personal networks.. 😃  

Maria G.

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