TESLA SOUL COMMUNICATION SEMINARS Transcend space and time and create communication with your client on the level of the conscious, subconscious and integrative mind!Using Tesla Waves, with Anya's assistance, you will discover your abilities that you might not be aware of at present.  Our experience from Tesla Soul Communication Metamorphosis seminars shows that we work with heart intelligence. Tesla Waves accelerate the level of consciousness, and even if you have never had the awareness that you were capable of communicating on the soul level, you will spontaneously get into the state of consciousness where you can create communication with your client on the level of the conscious, subconscious and integrative mind. During this communication, you will write down everything that comes through.   The first exercise is with photos, then we work with just a name written on a piece of paper and so on. Each student brings a photo of somebody who needs healing. The photos are placed on the table face down. Students chose a photo to work on, avoiding the photo they have brought. If it happens that somebody selects a photo of someone whom he knows, he returns the photo and changes it for a photo of someone whom he does not know. When you choose the photo which you will bring into the class, it is important to choose a person whom you know well enough to be able to give feedback to the student who will be doing the session with this photo. Eyes f the person on the photo should be clearly visible.There is great excitement in the class when students discover from the feedback they are given, that there are no doubts that they were communicating with this particular person, that the one who brought the photo can recognise the style, bywords and attitude of the person in the photo.The special challenge is to perform Tesla Soul Communication on yourself.  Tesla Soul Communication Metamorphosis is equally useful for the Tesla Metamorphosis practitioners, as for their clients. This is a very precious tool which can help you discover your own hidden feelings, your masked fears, our true motives, your potentials and purpose; to help you become a better human being. You might change your behaviour and attitudes towards yourself, as well as towards all other beings. You can reach the awareness of your whole being from all different aspects. You can gain knowledge of why and how we can heal ourselves. Also, working with Tesla Soul Communication Metamorphosis will help you develop your intuition and elevate your consciousness, to work on the evolution of our soul. Please bring a photo of somebody who needs healing with clearly visible eyes, and whom you know well enough to be able to give feedback. You will also need a notebook from which you can tear pages.   The prerequisite to register for this seminar is to have successfully completed Tesla Healing Metamorphosis seminar. You need to be present for the full seminar. After the completion of this seminar, you will be certified and eligible to work professionally as a Tesla Soul Communication Metamorphosis Practitioner.

Event Details

Event Date 29-06-2021 6:00 pm
Event End Date 01-07-2021 10:00 pm
Individual Price Early Bird $640
Presenter * Anya Petrovic
Organiser * Tesla Metamorphosis Academy
Organiser's phone * 02 9400 2210
Organiser's email * Email the organiser
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Location The Leena Centre, L2 113-115 Oxford St (Cnr Oxford & Crown St) Darlinghurst
Categories NSW Workshops | Courses | Seminars

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