Goddess and Light Masterclass

Goddess and Light Masterclass

Are you feeling stuck in your current job or relationship but unsure how to move forward?

Perhaps you want to learn how to use your inner wisdom to make better life choices?

Do you yearn to connect with other conscious and inspired like-minded people?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then you will find this full-day (10 am - 3:30 pm) Masterclass instrumental in discovering your deeper desires, tendencies and learning how to create positive changes in your life.

We all want to create a life that is filled with purpose and passion. At times, we may feel unstoppable and on-track, but sometimes we may need a little time to recharge, reflect and go-deeper to learn about ourselves and figure out the best next move.

The Goddess and Light Masterclass is presented by two authors and coaches: SzeWing Vetault https://szewingvetault.com and Denise Jarvie http://denisejarvie.com/

As an attendee, you will:

  • Gain clarity around your current life situation and tune in to your inner wisdom with soul writing
  • Discover your goddess archetypes and their light & shadow tendencies
  • Learn about the wisdom of goddess myths as a mystical roadmap to guide your personal transformation
  • Work with your inner guidance system through the Secret Language of Light Oracle Cards
  • Take home with practical self-care tools and techniques to stay inspired and empowered
  • Get coached by two experienced coaches!

Part 1 of the Masterclass will feature the book "Goddess with Many Faces" and Part 2 will be based on the "Secret Language of Light Oracle Cards"

It will be a day filled with interactive learning, soulful experiences, meditation and self-reflection. There will also be time for Live Coaching Q&A and "play" with the Oracle Cards.

There will be a one-hour lunch break between Part 1 and Part 2 of the day.

There are plenty of cafes and lunch options nearby. You can also welcome to bring your own lunch.

Coffee, tea and herbal teas will be provided throughout the day.

**The exact location in Surry Hills NSW 2010 will be emailed to participants closer to date**

If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the Book Goddess with Many Faces

Are you an Athena or an Artemis? A Persephone or an Aphrodite?

Discover the goddess archetypes active in you, and how they affect your decision-making, relationships, life pathways and priorities. The goddess myths are rich in wisdom and provide us with a mystical roadmap to guide our own Hero/Heroine Journeys towards personal transformation. The Goddess with Many Faces draws on psychology, mythology and spirituality to provide a deep examination of the archetypal energies women experience through different stages of their lives.

With useful self-care tools, including aromatherapy, wellbeing practices and self-reflective questions, this colourful practical guide will empower women to gain a more profound understanding of career, family and relationships and offers hands-on advice on how to navigate life’s journey.

About Sze Wing Vetault

Sze Wing Vetault is a coach, author and creative entrepreneur specializing in personal development and spirituality. Graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science, she began her career as an economist and later working as a consultant. Sze Wing takes a practical and holistic approach to personal and business transformation. She coaches individuals and purpose-driven businesses to inspire change and foster growth. Sze Wing has presented her work in Australia and overseas.

About Secret Language of Light Oracle Cards

Experience the Light of your Soul!

The impulse to create and energise peace, love and fulfilment is alive within you. This glorious oracle works with the mysteries and secrets of the light to illuminate the rich possibility and potential inside you. The light is a constant guide and support, and its language inspires, empowers and activates your soul spark. Step into the wonder of the light through the inspired insight of Denise Jarvie and the radiant artwork of Daniel B. Holeman to enliven the love, vision and strength of your heart. Access the wisdom of these stunning cards through the specifically designed meditations, reflections, and exercises for divination, contemplation, or revelation. You can also work through the 45 cards and detailed 164-page guidebook for a complete soul mastery class. The language of light speaks to eternity, to life, and to you. Tune into its secrets and shine!

About Denise Jarvie

Denise is a Soul Coach, Author and Speaker. She is an uplifter who has an uncanny sense to understand why we so what we do. She also loves to reveal the source of what we love, so we can create more manifestations of what we love. In doing this any problems, ailments and beliefs that hold us away from living a dream life will present themselves to be healed. Together you will learn to clear the path and live a fulfilling, truthful life. Denise Is also a passionate creator of Oracle and Tarot Cards, Guided Meditations and Courses

Event Details

Event Date 19-05-2019 10:00 am
Event End Date 19-05-2019 3:30 pm
Individual Price Early bird tickets is $99, Bring-a-friend (2 tickets) $198 and Standard ticket is $125
Presenter Sze Wing Vetault and Denise Jarvie
Organiser Sze Wing Vetault and Denise Jarvie
Organiser's phone 0406588109
Organiser's email Email the organiser
YouTube or Vimeo link Click to watch
Find more info on website Click here
Location Sze Wing Yip, 201/50 Holt Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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