Inipi ~ Sweat Lodge

Inipi ~ Sweat Lodge

Inipi ~ Friday 13th November 2020


Join us on a quest of the soul…enquiring, discovering and journeying into the remembrance and truth of who you are. Working reverently and closely with Mother~Earth, and the bountiful practises of self-loving-connection, we shall take you on an inspirational adventure infused with daily ceremonial practises to invite inner revealing, healing and transformation for your body, mind and spirit.


Please Note: As Part of our Inipi Process Traditional Medicines will be offered to those who are wanting to experience. 


Offering will be held at Shambhala Sanctuary ~ Gumdale

Exchange ~ $200 Pre-Paid Evening

When ~ 13th November 2020

Time ~ 4pm - 9pm


Inipi, which means to live again, is a purification rite of the Lakota people that enables one to enter into a state of humility, and to undergo a form of spiritual re~birth. The traditional ceremony, known as a ‘sweat lodge’ is central to Inipi. Prayers offered during this ritual draw on all the powers of the universe — Earth, Water, Fire and Air to purify, heal & strengthen the body, mind and spirit.


Assisting with the rebirth and Clarity of self. The heat is used in order to cleanse and purify your system for well~being and we will be communing on the earth in a sacred way. This is our opportunity to set the scene for the next few days of our Homeward Journey, as well as take back our Personal Power and revisit our uninhibited or unbound if you like, self.


Arrival: 4pm

Departure: 8:30pm - 9:00pm

Attire: swimmers/boardshorts/sarong/towel

Be mindful of eating light and healthy throughout the day and come well hydrated. This will assist in the detoxification & purification process. 

We will provide a light supper after the event. 

You are most welcome to bring a change of clothes for after the ceremony.


Further Details:

The actual lodge itself is a dome constructed in a circle, traditionally covered with materials so no light can penetrate inside. 

On the outside, the formation of the site comprises an earth mound just outside the door of the sweat lodge, facing east, and a fire pit containing stones. The fire represents the sun. Another mound partially encircling the fire pit represents the crescent moon. This is the outer world or cosmos; the inner world is the sweat lodge. It represents the womb of the universe from which souls are created anew.


Prayers are said at each stage of the construction of a sweat lodge. When it is completed, a burning coal is brought in and sweetgrass is burned by our leader Aaron, to purify the lodge. The pipe is smoked and carried outside, where it is placed on the mound of earth. 


Participants enter the lodge, sitting in a circle with the heated rocks placed on the centre firepit and the Pipe returned to the earth mound. Then, the door is closed.

During the ritual, the door is thrown open four times to represent the four ages. Songs will be sung, prayers will be shared and you will feel a deep connection to Mother Earth. The fourth time, participants leave the lodge, emerging from dark to light which represents the liberation from the physical universe. All that is impure is left in the sweat lodge, and gifted back to the Earth. 


This rite of passage will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalised with LIFE.


Please Note: All Participants will be sent a link to fill in and undertsand our Divine Disclaimer.

Event Details

Event Date 13-11-2020 4:00 pm
Event End Date 13-11-2020 10:00 pm
Individual Price 200.00
Presenter Belinda McKnoulty
Presenter * Shambhala Sanctuary
Organiser * Belinda McKnoulty
Organiser's phone * 0455543544
Organiser's email * Email the organiser
More info on website Click here
Location Shambhala Sanctuary , 772 New Cleveland Rd, Gumdale QLD 4154, Australia
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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