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Holistic, Spiritual & Alternative Events Australia (HEBA) is a vibrant and innovative platform meticulously crafted by Petra Webstein, the visionary web designer of World Wide Webstein. Motivated by a profound desire to support the spiritual, holistic, and alternative community in Australia, Petra created HEBA to provide a unique opportunity for people conducting both in-person and online events across our country.

The mission of HEBA is to function as a hub for community engagement and empowerment. Its aim is to facilitate the discovery, promotion, and interaction of holistic, spiritual, and alternative events that contribute to personal growth, holistic health, and spiritual enlightenment. By fostering an environment that flourishes on connection and collaboration, the platform aims to create a nurturing space where users can explore, learn, and evolve.

The values that underpin HEBA’s operation align closely with its nature. It puts a strong emphasis on inclusivity, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or practices, feel welcome and find value. Respect and openness form the backbone of every interaction, creating a community where diverse ideas and practices can thrive. Above all else, it values authenticity and integrity, encouraging users to remain true to their unique journey towards holistic health and spiritual growth.

Petra’s vision for HEBA is fuelled by her passion for spiritual, holistic, and alternative practices. Her main goals include establishing HEBA as Australia’s go-to platform for such events, and creating a user-friendly space that emotionally, aesthetically, and practically resonates with users. She imagines a platform that people love to use to advertise their events and businesses, and that visitors return to, time and time again, in their search for unique and transformative experiences.

Additionally, Petra aspires to build a robust, thriving online community that links event organisers with participants who share a common interest in holistic, spiritual, and alternative practices. In this regard, she wants HEBA to act as a bridge connecting like-minded people, fostering a sense of unity and mutual growth within the community.

Finally, she aims to ensure that HEBA contributes to the broader conversation about holistic and spiritual practices. By providing a space for diverse viewpoints, ideas, and practices to coexist and interact, Petra hopes that HEBA can play a critical role in promoting understanding, respect, and expanding horizons.

To sum up, Holistic, Spiritual & Alternative Events Australia is more than just a platform; it’s a community, a space for growth and learning, and a gathering spot for individuals on their holistic or spiritual journey. Through HEBA, Petra Webstein has sought to create a unique and welcoming environment that truly resonates with those passionate about their holistic and spiritual pathways.

Petra Webstein - Founder of Holistic Events Australia

Holistic, spiritual and alternative events in Australia

While there was a focus on beauty, the technical side was also thoroughly considered. The advertiser has the opportunity to showcase their event not just by adding a title and description with an image but also links to his/her website, contact details, social media and video platforms. Listing your event is free!

Petra Webstein - Founder of Holistic Events Australia
Holistic, spiritual and alternative markets in Australia

Holistic, spiritual and alternative businesses in Australia

As we have changed the technologyof the platform we have added a new service. People now can add their holistic, spiritual or alternative business to our directory. By doing so they can also link their events to their business profile. A basic listing is free however more advanced listings will attract a fee.

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