Offering Advertising Space on Australia’s Holistic, Spiritual, and Alternative Events & Business Directory

In the world of business, visibility is key. Especially when it comes to niche markets like holistic, spiritual, and alternative services in Australia. Today, we’re exploring an exceptional platform that’s been fostering connections and driving growth in this industry – our Holistic, Spiritual, and Alternative Events & Business Directory. Gain unparalleled exposure and access premium advertising space to showcase your offerings effectively.

Introduction to Holistic, Spiritual, and Alternative Events & Business Directory

In the vast expanse of the internet, finding the right audience for your unique business can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Our directory changes that. It is a specialized hub where businesses and events in the holistic, spiritual, and alternative space are showcased to an interested, engaged audience.

The Power of Banner Advertising

What if you could catch the eye of every visitor on this platform? That’s exactly what banner advertising does. It’s not just text, but an image that represents your brand, making it visually appealing and instantly recognizable. It’s like having a billboard on a digital highway, only better.

Benefits of Exclusive Advertising

Our platform offers exclusive advertising opportunities. This means that your ad won’t be lost among hundreds of others. It will stand out, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience. Think of it as having your own private stage in a packed auditorium.

Why using our advertising space?

1. Reach Your Target Audience

One of the biggest benefits of advertising with us is the ability to reach your specific target audience. Our users are people already interested in holistic, spiritual, and alternative services. It’s like preaching to the choir!

2. Strengthen Your Brand

Advertising on a specialised platform adds credibility to your brand. It shows you’re serious about your niche and can help establish you as a trusted provider in the industry.

How to Place an Ad

1. Supplying an Image for Your Ad

To make your ad stand out, you’ll need to supply an image. This should be a good quality image in a square format that accurately represents your brand or event. It’s the first thing users will see, so make it count! It can be a .jpg or .jpeg or .png file format.

2. Providing a Website URL

Your ad isn’t just a pretty picture. It’s a portal to your website, and you’ll need to provide a URL for users to follow. Ensure your website is ready to impress!

3. Crafting an Effective Ad Title

The title of your ad is your first and best chance to grab users’ attention. Make it compelling, make it relevant, and above all, make it engaging.

Pricing and Availability

1. Limited Advertising Space

As a platform dedicated to exclusive advertising, we limit the number of ads we host. This ensures your ad gets maximum visibility. So don’t wait – spaces fill up fast!

2. Creating an Account and Logging In

To see our prices and place an ad, you’ll need to log in or create an account. It’s a simple process designed to protect the exclusivity of our platform and ensure only relevant businesses are showcased.
In the User section go to click on MY ADS to access your existing ads or ad new ones.


In the thriving, diverse field of holistic, spiritual, and alternative services, standing out can be a challenge. But with banner advertising on our exclusive directory, you can shine a spotlight on your brand or event. It’s a unique opportunity to not only reach an engaged audience but also strengthen your brand’s reputation within the industry. So why wait? Secure your ad space today and get your message out there!


1. What is the dimension of the image I need to provide for my banner ad?
The best format we find is a square image. Your ad can be shown in all the places and will be looking nice no matter where it appears. Keep it in the max 800 x 800 pixels size. Please supply a .jpg, .jpeg or a .png image when you place your ad.

2. Can I update my ad once it’s been published?
Yes, you can make changes to your ad after it’s live. Just log into your account and under your User section, click on MY ADS.

3. How can I track the performance of my ad?
Our platform provides analytics that you can access through your account.

4. What payment methods do you accept for ad placement?
We accept credit card payments through Stripe. Details will be provided during the ad placement process.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.