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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating condition that afflicts many people worldwide. According to Health Direct (1), PTSD is an anxiety disorder that affects about three million Australians at some stage of their lives. Among the sufferers are children and teenagers, and people of all ages from all walks of life.

There are psychological interventions available and some people are finding relief of symptoms by also using the holistic approach including crystal healing.

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Ros McMaster Cancer Journey

May 9th, 2016. The day after Mothers’ Day in fact. I'm all drugged up after my colonoscopy and laying in the recovery room. Dr Petersen informs me I have stage 4 bowel cancer. He delivers the news in a matter-of-fact, no frills manner - the way you might tell a friend they have parsley in their teeth. 

"Prognosis?" I ask, matching his monotone. 

"Two-three years. May-be four with chemo." he offers. It's a rare bowel cancer. Mucinous Adenocarcinoma." 

Every part of me knows, without doubt, it’s simply not my time to go. 

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Most people get nervous or feel tense during some stages of their life, but when that feeling of fear and anxiety remains for long periods it can become a problem and impair their function. The fact is, without some level of arousal people wouldn’t do anything, but it’s when anxiety gets out of hand that it can interfere with your happiness and sense of well being. 

The body’s natural response to being threatened, or even to feeling in fear of your life, put under undue pressure, or being faced with a challenge is the fight/flight mechanism. But if there are no real threats or challenges, your brain is acting as if there were and your anxiety can feel out of control.

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Travelling improves mental health

Anyone who’s been on a relaxing holiday can attest to the benefits, but it’s now official. Planning a holiday escape or even a weekend away can lift your spirits, but going on a longer holiday can improve your creativity, increase your holistic health and mental and psychological well being, according to studies(1).  

While travelling to new places can be a challenge, having your routine disrupted, solving problems, interacting with different cultures and hearing different languages is good for the brain. When you have no choice but to deal with new rules, transport timetables, currencies and customs, it can build resilience, reactivate reward circuits and enhance cognition, for instance.

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CBD and CBG Oils - Best Quality - 50% OFF

CBD and CBG are the world's new health phenomenon and is extending the life and quality of life for millions of people around the world today. It has the following proven health benefits that are backed by medical studies from the leading minds in this field of expertise.

  • Alleviates chronic pain
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves skin health
  • Improves sleep
  • Boosts appetite and gut health
  • Alleviates nausea and vomiting 
  • Combats infections and allergies 
  • Promotes heart health
  • Regulates neuromuscular activity 
  • Enhances homeostasis
  • Enhances sexual performance
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I have had the opportunity to experience a resonance repatterning session last month. I am very excited about the outcome of the session and now about 3 weeks later I see the results rolling in.

The session was actually a lot of fun to do and I discovered some pattern that were not so conscious to me before. Even just that was a bargain in itself.

One pattern that I carried was: If I achieve what I want - I WOULD BE BORED!!! So my internal mechanics always kept me away from achieving that particular goal.

This is just in a nutshell one of the subjects that had been touched in this session.

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Whale Medicine

What can whales teach us about our hearts? 

We have friends in all forms, not only other humans.  Humanity has friends in the form of elements, animals, earth, sky and sun. These friends have much to teach us. Could it be these elemental kingdoms are waiting for us to awaken to this concept a little more deeply and profoundly?  Could it be that these kingdoms of life forms would like nothing more than to love us and share how they experience consciousness in form? After all, these elemental kingdoms have been on earth for a very long time. 

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Soul Vibes Academy

This is one of the hard hitting questions that we all have… When is it ok to NOT feel… When is it ok to become so invested in our emotions that we break down and physically manifest pain, injuries and disharmonious energy in the body.

3 Levels of Emotional detachment

  • Completely disconnected – no thoughts no feelings, numb
  • Physical Representation Low – Extreme Ratings
  • Over talking and complicating Ailments to worse case scenarios regardless of whether it is or not, Using the technical terminology of an injury to enhance your “Emotional response from people sitting in a victim status” 
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Living is enlightment

Enlightenment is a term used in most religions. Sometimes it is also associated with ascencion: "A person who becomes more and more enlightened, is also ascending." While in the religious communities you can often find quite strict practices to achieve enlightenment, it is not necessary to join any religious groups to allow this process to take place.

Enlightenment happens when a human starts to look at his life, releasing believe systems, structures and ties that hold them captive to a certain race, society or even family. Once a human starts to release these, lets go of attachments, a "lightening" is taking place.

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 Just a wonderful page to share retreats. Petra is offering her service so generously for free. I respect Petra very much and am in awe for this possibility to share with similar minded people a wide range of retreats and workshops in Australia. Thank you Petra and your team for this amazing platform!  

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 I have found the Holistic Events Australia platform an easy one to list my event on and then feel very supported to help me get what I have to offer out there to a much wider audience than my own personal networks.. 😃  

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