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Quantenharmonie® (Quantum Harmony)
Starting: Sunday 24 February 2019 09:00am   Ending: Sunday 24 February 2019 07:00pm
Event Location: A Place to Be, 4 Preston Point Road, East Fremantle WA 6158
A Simple and Ingenious Guide to Activate Self-healing

Dr. Friedrich’s Quantenharmonie® Intensive is a unique seminar offering in which she brings together knowledge and tools that work into a methodical concept, providing participants with simple, yet ingenious techniques to improve their health and their life.

The seminar also covers how – through activation and conscious steering of our self-healing powers – inner organs and teeth can regenerate themselves; how it is even possible to re-grow removed organs.

A small group size of approx. 25 participants makes intensive work as well as good communication possible.


The Quantenharmonie® Seminar is based on four elements:

  1.  Holistic, basic scientific knowledge,
    to ensure the conscious mind and the subconscious are in harmony;
  2. Access to the Information Field,
    (2-1-0 point method) to resolve trauma, which is the cause of disease;
  3. Russian and Bulgarian Healing Methods,
    as well as Dr. Friedrich’s own mind methods to enable stem cells and energetically restricted cells to reboot;
  4. Psycho-logic for everyday life, to prevent relapses.

Quantenharmonie® you’ll learn:

  • The Step-by-Step Sequence of the Quantenharmonie® Method, covering the very techniques Dr. Friedrich used to revert paraplegia after she suffered an accident.
  • To recognize and resolve the underlying cause (trauma) of physical body symptoms.
  • Advanced as well as simplified Russian and Bulgarian remedies for general stem cell regeneration & rejuvenation, and organ regeneration by Arkady Petrov and N. & V. Koroljew amongst others.
  • Two different variations of the 2-1-0 method (origin: Kahili from Hawai) to “log in” to the information field. You’ll find practical access to a new dimension of science with ease.
  • How to deal with the power of language. Letters and words can heal as well as hurt/injure. The nuances are important!
  • Numerous energo-informative exercises gradually harmonize emotional, mental and soul planes. This is usually immediately noticeable.
  • To recognize the pattern/profile of a personality and then act accordingly, preserving energy (IHD Integrated Human Design).

The four stages of quantum harmony
1. Determine energo-informative blockages and their first cause
2. Solve these with the 2-1-0 point method
3. Apply the learned mind methods for healing & regeneration
4. Psycho-logic, practice skills to avoid relapses

Presenter Dr. oec. Katharina Friedrich
OrganiserStefani Kleinhenz
For more info, please visit the website
Contact for more infoContact Stefani Kleinhenz  or call 0403 763 860

A Place to Be
4 Preston Point Road
East Fremantle WA 6158
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