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1st - 12th Dimensional Activation Livestream Series

1st - 12th Dimensional Activation Livestream Series

Would You Like to Experience the 1st - 12th Dimensions? (quick link: http://macayamiracle.com/1st-12th-dimensional-activations/ ) Would You Like to Receive Massive Healing and Transformation from these High Vibrational Realms? Would You Like to Learn How to Access these Realms on Your Own? If so, This Class Series is For You!!! In This 3 Week Accelerated Light Healing Livestream Series You Will • Journey to Each of the 1st - 12th Dimensions to Receive Healing for Your Energy Field and Physical Body • ​Receive Messages and Guidance from the Beings that Oversee these Realms for the Next Steps in Your Life • Learn a Simple Way to Access Any Dimension at Any Time for Meditation, Healing, Guidance or Just to Bliss Out Here's What You Will Experience in the 3 Weeks Class 1 - Earth to Ascension Dimensional Activations (1st - 5th Dimensions) • Enhance Your Grounding • Connect with the Faeries and Nature Realms • Increase Your Abundance • Connect with the Realm of the Ascended Masters Class 2 - Galactic Dimensional Activations (6th - 9th Dimensions) • Experience the Realm of Light, Color and Sacred Geometry • Experience the Music/Sound of the Heavens to Get Your Energy Field Back in Alignment with Source • Experience Your Galactic History • Easily Learn How to Speed Up and Slow Down Time Class 3 - Infinite Creator / Universal Dimensional Activations (10th - 12th Dimensions) • Bring Back Wisdom from Infinite Universes to Help You in this Universe • Experience and Receive the Light and Love of the Divine Feminine • Learn to Access the Infinite Manifesting Power of the Divine Masculine Creator Energy • Balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine within You! You will also receive Lifetime Access to the Video Replays of Each Livestream so you can revisit them anytime you like! And When you Sign Up Today, You Will Also Receive a *** BONUS Accelerated Light Healing Activation Video *** Merkaba Ascension Lightbody Activation (a $55 value) In this Accelerated Light Healing Activation you will have your Merkaba Lightbody Activated in a way that will support you in embodying and grounding the 1st - 12th Dimensional Activations that you will be receiving in the 3 week series. When your Merkaba Lightbody is activated it Enhances Your Physical Health, Activates the Anti-aging Systems in the body and Increases Your Manifestation Abilities and the Number of Synchronicities in Your Life. (instant access) Does This Sound Exciting to You? If so, Join Us!!!! Click Here and Experience the 1st - 12th Dimensions!!! http://macayamiracle.com/1st-12th-dimensional-activations/  Livestream Series Price Normally: $247 Today's Price Only: $147 (a $100 savings) Is it finally time for you to Ascend into the Higher Dimensions? If So, Join Us!!! Click Here and Experience the 1st - 12th Dimensions!!! http://macayamiracle.com/1st-12th-dimensional-activations/  This Livestream Series will be Facilitated by Macaya Miracle, Co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing on   Wednesdays August 12th, 19th and 26th 3 PM Pacific Time | 6 PM Eastern Time | 11 PM BST       About Your Facilitator:   Macaya Miracle is an Energy Healer / Teacher from California, USA. He has been practicing Energy Healing for 15+ years. He helps people Accelerate their Ascension Process, Develop their intuitive abilities, clear limiting beliefs and emotional trauma, increase their abundance, enhance their immune systems and so much more. He has studied 32 modalities of healing and channeled/created 72 new modalities of healing on to the planet. He mainly uses Accelerated Light Healing as he gets the quickest and most effective results with it. Learn more about Macaya Miracle at http://macayamiracle.beingjoy123.com/   Click Here and Experience the 1st - 12th Dimensions!!! http://macayamiracle.com/1st-12th-dimensional-activations/ 


Event Details

Event Date 13-08-2020
Event End Date 26-08-2020
Individual Price 3 Week Livestream Series Price
Presenter Macaya Miracle
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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 It’s such a beautiful and simple way to advertise and grow your business. Thank you for the opportunity to use the service.  

Belinda M.


 I stumbled upon Holistic Events while googling on avenues to announce our Silent Meditation Event. It has been a refreshing, clean, wonderful experience joining Holistic Events and sharing our event through their platform. The whole process was simple and the best part is the way they promote events through their LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you to Petra and her team. Truly a gift of love to all.  

Aathma S.



 Just a wonderful page to share retreats. Petra is offering her service so generously for free. I respect Petra very much and am in awe for this possibility to share with similar minded people a wide range of retreats and workshops in Australia. Thank you Petra and your team for this amazing platform!  

Christina B., Western Australia


 I have found the Holistic Events Australia platform an easy one to list my event on and then feel very supported to help me get what I have to offer out there to a much wider audience than my own personal networks.. 😃  

Maria G.

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