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Energy Management for Sensitives

Energy Management for Sensitives

If you’re interested in improving the way you feel—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—then this is the workshop for you. Especially if any of these things happen to you:

  • Coincidentally thinking about someone moments before they phone
  • Finding that you are less interested in being around certain people because of the way you feel after you see them
  • Suddenly being drawn to different interest areas like angel cards, crystals, spiritual books and meditation practices
  • Emotionally drained for no reason when you’re normally full of energy
  • Feeling like you’re always the one to be the first to help everyone else, leaving yourself depletedHaving more awareness about the vibe in a room or in a group of people than you have been before
  • Wondering about the bigger picture of why you’re here. 

Shelley’s energy management workshop just north of Glen Innes NSW is designed for adults who are sensitive to the energies around them, and need help managing this in daily life. It’s a supportive space to look at concepts to help develop a stronger, more resilient you.

What Will Be Explored:

  • Discover your energy body, and why it’s as important as your physical body
  • Experience a guided crystal meditation to bring about deep relaxation
  • Participate in the recitation of simple mantra to clear your energy field and restore harmony
  • Practice ways of connecting to the energy of the planet to strengthen your equilibrium
  • Discuss the ways crystals can support you in your daily life. 

You will leave the workshop with new tools that you can use in daily life, and be empowered to continue your journey of discovery about your spiritual nature.

The workshop will connect you to like-minded individuals who are also seeking ways to strengthen their energy field and thrive—not just survive.

You Will Receive:

  • Workshop notes
  • Energy management techniques to use every day
  • A gift to take home.

About Shelley:

Shelley has been on her spiritual journey since she was a teenager. As a very sensitive child, she picked up on what the people around her were feeling. This manifested in daily stomach aches and headaches from the age of seven. It was a relief later on to discover that she was literally taking on others pain as an ’empath’. Learning techniques to help manage this has proven invaluable in her work as a natural therapist.

During her workshops, Shelley shares the story of how she discovered her deep connection to crystals and the path that led her to become a crystal healer. Ultimately she seeks to foster a love of crystals and Mother Earth among her students. As the founder of Divine Balance® Shelley is passionate about helping people on their spiritual journey. Her clients have described what she provides during healings as being bathed in the energy of the Divine Mother.

More recently, she has started accessing more of her soul’s gifts in the form of very high dimensional energies, and the healing frequencies of the oversoul energies of the dolphins, whales, and crystal beings from their galactic home. Shelley certainly doesn’t have all the answers, but she is very willing to share what has worked for her, and what techniques her clients have found useful.

All other details are available on the website.

Event Details

Event Date 25-05-2019 10:00 am
Event End Date 25-05-2019 3:30 pm
Individual Price $68.00
Presenter Shelley McConaghy
Organiser Shelley McConaghy
Organiser's phone 0412919136
Organiser's email Email the organiser
Find more info on website Click here
Location Yarrowbend, 850 New England Highway, Glen Innes NSW 2370, Australia
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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